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    Update just installed, i give feedback later when family has done some "powertesting"

    No aborts anymore with the latest update after some days of testing. Thanks a lot again Andrey :thumbup::thumbup:

    Now i have only one problem with async a/v after a while watching same channel - apparently only sd channels are affected. But i will play around a little bit with audio options, maybe i can get rid of it.

    With the new version i now have frequent crashes:

    Btw. PIP works here.


    System currently has 16GB RAM, graphics card 2GB (GTX1050). So i guess you ment GPU memory right?

    then with frequent channel switching, you will run out of memory

    I could reproduce it with a small "power-zapping script", after 80-100 channel switches with softhddevice VDR aborts. But with softhdcuvid it was not reproduceable, VDR survives even the 600 switches of the script.

    btw. mpv shows the above behaviour playing UHD videos.

    I tested plugin with VDPAU but sadly i have problems with laggy playback and desktop (post1319846), thats why i switched to CUVID where i do not have no such problems.

    I'm currently testing the latest version with setup nvidia + cuvid driver. everything works like a charm, several problems with pip, etc. i had with softhdcuvid are gone. The only problem i have for now is a jerky playback of 720p channels (above all Phoenix HD and ARTE HD). All others work fine, even UHD channels are ok. I attached a short example clip.

    Just realized that opengl osd is now supported :)

    So i tested new version but sadly playback is very jerky even in sd channels, same as sc44 already reported here


    Hmmm the whole desktop is laggy during playback...

    2. 43940 vdr 1 0 3560332 266392 97624 S 18,9 1,6 2:28.29 vdr
    3. 1217 root 1 0 238308 93364 64728 S 12,9 0,6 5:17.19 Xorg

    Aaarg, nach dem letzten Arch "distupgrade" meine heute morgen lässt sich das Plugin nicht mehr kompilieren =O Hat jemand n Top in welche Richtung ich forschen muss?


    Ich bin nämlich auch gerade dabei, dynamite auf das nächste vdr-Release vorzubereiten


    ist da mittlerweile was verfügbar. Wollte von 2.4 auf 2.4.1 upgraden aber der "vdr-" Patch passt nicht mehr.