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    I've found a patch for mplayer to add "ivtvosd" to the list of possible out (with -vo). I've patched mplayer, correctly compiled it. Now, if i try :

    1. mplayer -vo ivtvosd /video/test.mpg

    I have those following messages :

    Any idea ?


    I've set up a vdrbox with a standalone PVR350 card. All work's fine, except the mplayer plugin. In fact, it want to use a dvb device, and pvr is an analog device. How can i do to use the ivtv-fb device ?

    Thanks for your help guys :)

    There's some news. I've connected a monitor VGA/Keybord to my vdrbox, and observed the output of vdr. This is the log (output activated on terminal 8) :

    Theres something really important in the log :


    pvrinput: 18:10:50 no PVR device found

    All right, something 's wrong with pvrinput, but what? any idea ?

    Well, ivtvctl -n says its just pal, but i can make a :

    So, secam is supported. And :

    1. minipc ~ # ivtvctl -U
    2. ioctl VIDIOC_G_STD ok
    3. Video standard = 0x007f0000

    My pvr is correctly set to secam system. By the way, C45I999 did'nt do the trick :(

    Hi :)

    1. Input : 4
    2. Name : Tuner 0
    3. Type : 0x00000001
    4. Audioset: 0x00000003
    5. Tuner : 0x00000000
    6. Standard: 0x00000000000000FF ( PAL )
    7. Status : 0

    So, the tuner is input 4... second parameter should be C45I1, right ? Doesnt work...

    Yep, nothing change ;(

    What is strong, it's that i can make a cat /dev/video0 > /dev/video16 and i see tv. So, i have the good frequency, secam system is set, but pvrinput can't see that...

    1. minipc ~ # cat /etc/vdr/channels.conf
    2. M6:567250:C0D45I1:C:0:301:300:305:A1:12003:0:0:0

    Original von wirbel
    Okay. Hardware works fine, dmesg looks fine, capturing works.

    The last point that i can see is: you're using two channels with the same SID, NID,TID. I think this is the last thing preventing you from being happy. Please change one of the 65000 into 65001 or something else. It doesn't matter as long these numbers are unique.

    It doesn't work :(

    By the way, in the README of pvrinput:

    I've tried with this channels.conf:

    1. minipc ~ # cat /etc/vdr/channels.conf
    2. TF1:503250:B8C0D45:C:0:301:300:305:A1:65000:0:0:0
    3. M6:567250:C0I1:C:0:301:300:305:A1:12003:1:1089:2

    But it doesn't want : unavalaible channel :O

    I'm using SECAM system (I'm in France).

    If i make these commands :

    1. minipc ~ # ivtv-tune -t france -f 503.250
    2. /dev/video0: 503.250 MHz
    3. minipc ~ # cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg
    4. minipc ~ # cat test.mpg > /dev/video16

    I see the channel that I've recorded. Quality is great :)

    I've correctyle modified my channels.conf :

    1. minipc ~ # cat /etc/vdr/channels.conf
    2. TF1:503250:B8C0D45:C:0:301:300:305:A1:65000:0:0:0
    3. M6:567250:B8C0D45:C:0:301:300:305:A1:65000:0:0:0

    But nothing change...

    By the way, i'm now able to go to the menu of pvrinput! Modifing brightness etc...

    Just for information :

    /etc/modules.d/ivtv :

    1. minipc ~ # cat /etc/modules.d/ivtv
    2. alias char-major-81 videodev
    3. alias char-major-81-0 ivtv
    4. alias char-major-61 lirc_i2c
    5. add above ivtv lirc_dev lirc_i2c
    6. post-install ivtv /usr/local/bin/ivtv_init

    /usr/local/bin/ivtv_init :

    1. minipc ~ # cat /usr/local/bin/ivtv_init
    2. #!/bin/bash
    3. sleep 1
    4. /usr/bin/ivtvctl -u 0x7F0000
    5. /usr/bin/ivtvctl -f width=720,height=576
    6. /usr/bin/ivtvctl -p 4 -v input=3,output=1

    Original von wirbel
    Please use one of the latest ivtv versions with pvrinput instead. I suggest ivtv-0.4.x with kernel 2.6.14 oder later

    You need only one of these plugins - and - (if you have no dvb card inside) the pvr350 plugin. BTW: the channelscan plugin doesn't work with analogue TV cards.

    Well, i'm ever using the correct version...

    1. minipc ~ # emerge -av ivtv gentoo-sources
    2. These are the packages that I would merge, in order:
    3. Calculating dependencies ...done!
    4. [ebuild R ] media-tv/ivtv-0.4.2 0 kB
    5. [ebuild R ] sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.15-r1 -build -doc +symlink (-ultra1) 0 kB

    By the way, i'm just leaving mplayer + pvr350 + pvrinput plugins. I'm not using a dvb card. So now, the problem is that pvrinput doesn't find the signal... hmmm...


    This is my channels.conf, never knows if it can help...

    1. minipc ~ # cat /etc/vdr/channels.conf
    2. TF1:503250:B8C0D45:C:0:301:300:305:A0:65000:0:0:0
    3. TF1:567250:B8C0D45:C:0:301:300:305:A0:65000:0:0:0

    However, I didn't modified the sources.conf file. Is it important ?