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    I have been having a problem with the runvdr command. I am using LinVDR with the TT 1.4.5 patches on a Technotrend-S1300FF card and an S1100 budget card with kernel

    I can use "./runvdr stop" to stop the program so that I can edit the conf files. But I cant use "./runvdr start" to get it going again. I need to do a reboot each time. Which is slow and I am then unable to see any logging information which would normally have been output to the screen.

    The program starts seemingly normally but then quicly unloads and returns to the prompt.
    In syslog I found the following error message:
    .... user.debug vdr[3511] probing /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
    .... user.err vdr [3511] ERROR: can't open DVB device 0
    ... user.debug vdr[3511] probing /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
    .... user.err vdr [3511] ERROR: can't open DVB device 1

    then further down: vdr: [2383] setting primary device to 1 vdr: [2383] device 1 has no MPEG decoder

    Obviously there is no output to the TV

    If I do a reboot everything works normally. No error messages in the log.

    For some reason it must be that the "stop" isn't unloading the driver correctly but as far as I am aware nothing has changed. Puzzling!

    My TPS card has not updated itself with this months subscription rights (no, I haven't forgotten to pay!). In the book it tells me that for a manual update to tune to TF1 for about 20 minutes.
    But when I select that channel LinVDR tells me I have "no rights and press ok to return to menu".
    How can I keep it actively tuned long enough on TF1 to receive the update?
    Has anyone experienced this?

    Any help would be really useful. Thanks.

    LinVDR has been working for me for a long time and generally very well. But the biggest problem I have is that it always seems to crash itself while I am watching a replay. This is usually an mplayer avi file, but more recently this has happened with a VDR recordings. It always coincides with the start of a timer recording.

    I guess it has something do to with transfer mode. But are there any configuration or adjustments I can make to this so that it fits my system.

    Can't see anything consistent in the log file. Occasionaly it mentions an error -110 due to the MSG QUEUE for _av711 being full. But not every time.

    It is a very irritating problem and I don't seem to be able to track it done.
    Anyone have any ideas or have experienced the same phenomenon?

    I have just added a TT S1500 with CI to my working LinVDR 1.4.0. When I add a CAM module into the CI the picture freezes, and is the module is not recognised in the CICAM menu.

    Previously I used a TT S1102 with the same CI and it worked properly.

    I believe it may be related to driver issues but does anyone know is there is a "working CAM module" list anywhere. Or can tell my what they use which works. If I need to buy another TT card I want to be sure that this one will like the CAM module!. Many thanks.

    Is there a way to direct channels to specific cards within one CA system?

    It appears that a particular CA system gets locked into one card. For example, I have ViaccessCAm on the DVB card for french channels and have just added a second ViaccessCam module to the next DVB card for swiss channels which are also viaccess. But these channels don't get a chance as they are blocked by the first decoder module saying that there is no right. This is "correct" for that viaccess card in that module because it is not programmed for that channel.

    But how do I tell LinVDr to move up to the next card and and use the correct viaccess card?

    In earlier versions I believe there was a caCaps file but this has now dissappeared.

    I hope there is a way out of this and I haven't made a mistake!

    Is it possible to confuse the diseqc and make a hybrid installation.

    I have a 2-satellite multiswitch feeding 3 DVB cards with Astra 28 and Hotbird 13. I wanted to add Astra 19 to a 4th DVB card.

    In Setup/LNB there is only the option of yes/no to diseqc. Nothing for mixing diseqc and non-diseqec LNB's.

    Can I re-write the diseqc.conf file so that it will include this extra card.

    If so, does anyone know what the commands are.


    That's interesting. How do you use the "sourcecaps" patch? I',m using LinVDR and I have patched it up to version 1.3.37. Can you explain what does sourcecaps does?
    I guess the problem is "how do I make sure vdr looks to the right card, and decryption process, for the selected channel. And also what system does C+nal use? Because if its not Viaccess then I need another cam module.
    Thanks Franck.

    I am having problems adjusting LinVDR to work with a new DVB card. At the moment I have FF as DVB1 and capture Hotbird (TPS). Now I have added a second card to receive Astra 1. Everything works ok (!!) except the picture for C+nal is black. VDR signal information says that C+nal channels are encrpyted with Viaccess, I see a video date rate of the right size (not always Audio data rate). TPeS - which is Viaccess - decrypts without any problems. So does anyone know how I can tell VDR to run the encrypted signal from card 2 through the cam modules on card 1.
    KingofSat indicates the C+nal is encrpyted with Seeca or mediagard, and not Viaccess. Does anyone know which one is correct?i
    I suppose it might also be the same problem I'm having with the Free-To-Air channels from Astra. They arrive via card 2 and then are lost; because it seems VDR likes the Free-to-air channels to arrive at card 1. Does anyone know how, or where, I can tell VDR to accept free to air on card 2?
    I have spent a long time without success trying to find out where VDR keeps information about which card can deal with which channel now that the ca.conf file is redundant.
    Any help would be very welcome.

    When I play a DivX movie through Mplayer with LinVDR the sound is a noise. I think it is AC3 that I'm hearing.

    Does anyone know how to correct this. Do I need to add a special codec. And if so, where to I put it?

    How should I tell LinVDR about the new codec? Do I have to install the VDR-AC3 plugin or is that only for recordings made with the VDR for satellite

    A simple question for my simple mind, becasue I don't speak German (sorry!)
    I am new to LinVDR 0.7 but haver successfully installed it and now would like to access the network drive to access media using mplayer. How and where do I tell mplayer where to look?
    How do I mount the drive in LinVDR?
    I would be graeful for any help