Zoran supra 180 platform with VDR

  • Cankey is the team leader.
    RichardFromB is the Cheff of the Development.

    Me, smallishzulu, as from the name the guy who makes test and contiribute on roadmap.

    Cankey & RichardFromB can help on contributing issue.

    Currently VDR is working on STB with DVB-S Signals.
    We will patch for S2 as well.

    DirectFB running and now we make it run with mplayer.

    After we will go with QT, Java & their apps.

  • Quote

    Original von smallishzulu
    In the development, Linux standart libs and modules are used to make it usable by any Linux application without changes.

    Does it mean that we don't need to bother with typical embedded topics like uclibc or busybox? (which, in my experience, make it very difficult to use standard software due to lots of incompatibilities)
    What about the device drivers for the mpeg-engine? In the past, we never got them as open source, but binary only - leaving us stuck to a given kernel version. (We tried it e.g. for the Siemens M740/750 which had a very similiar concept)

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  • Hanno  
    Sorry, I found only this Sat-receiver.
    But i think, the receiver-type is for the Zoran Platform not very important.

    Do you guy's using the Eval-Board to develop?
    Which Platform do you using to develop?
    And where can i get one?
    Do you know this receiver?

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  • Homecast is making STB from that chipset.
    But it is not Linux based. Actually Zoran company has no Linux :D
    This is the trick on team, Linux System made for Zoran.

    Zoran supports all DVB broadcast types.

    For development kits, you can ask Cankey.

    For source and Wiki + Repro will be build so you can download and contribute.

  • The box is using a dual mips, 1 mips for the hardware handling, 1 mips for
    the linux kernel, so there is no need of version dependant libs, the interfacing will be the same for every kernel version.

    In fact, I have the working on the box, however with some mips/linux related issues as far as I can see (not that mips guru),
    any help with that part would be highly appreciated also.