[PVR-350] Doesn't work with mplayer plugin

  • Hello,

    I've set up a vdrbox with a standalone PVR350 card. All work's fine, except the mplayer plugin. In fact, it want to use a dvb device, and pvr is an analog device. How can i do to use the ivtv-fb device ?

    Thanks for your help guys :)

  • I've found a patch for mplayer to add "ivtvosd" to the list of possible out (with -vo). I've patched mplayer, correctly compiled it. Now, if i try :

    mplayer -vo ivtvosd /video/test.mpg

    I have those following messages :

    Any idea ?

  • Ok, wee have to use -vo ivtv instead of -vo ivtvosd. But it woks bad, sound craps etc... I give it up the analog method and brought back my DVBC full featured :)

  • You can try to use -vo fbdev:/dev/fb1. The ivtv-driver should generate a framebuffer device, which you can use to output something to the tv.

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