[PVR-350] Doesn't work with pvrinput plugin (solved)

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    Original von kal

    1. Input : 4
    2. Name : Tuner 0
    3. Type : 0x00000001
    4. Audioset: 0x00000003
    5. Tuner : 0x00000000
    6. Standard: 0x00000000000000FF ( PAL )
    7. Status : 0

    So, the tuner is input 4... second parameter should be C45I1, right ? Doesnt work...

    Yes you are right. So they changed it only in ivtv-0.5.X, not in the stable branch.

    Your tuner states to be only able to tune PAL, not SECAM? That is strange. PAL and SECAM are quite simmilar, but not the same. Maybe you can try to use C45I999. It may be working if the tuner thinks, PAL and SECAM are the same.

    PIII-866, 512 MB Ram, Avermedia 761 DVB-T, PVR150MCE, Debian unstable, vdr 1.3.38, Xine über Xorg auf GF2MX

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  • Well, ivtvctl -n says its just pal, but i can make a :

    So, secam is supported. And :

    1. minipc ~ # ivtvctl -U
    2. ioctl VIDIOC_G_STD ok
    3. Video standard = 0x007f0000

    My pvr is correctly set to secam system. By the way, C45I999 did'nt do the trick :(

  • i'm going to try with the unstable branch, maybe...

    EDIT: Ok, stays ins 0.4.X branch, 0.5.X needs last v4l, dont wanna break my gentoo :)

    I just have to contact th pvrinput plugin autor... Thanks anyway :)

  • There's some news. I've connected a monitor VGA/Keybord to my vdrbox, and observed the output of vdr. This is the log (output activated on terminal 8) :

    Theres something really important in the log :


    pvrinput: 18:10:50 no PVR device found

    All right, something 's wrong with pvrinput, but what? any idea ?

  • Stupid questions, but anyway:
    Is /proc mounted?(should be on any 2.6.x system)

    Does something exist like

    what happens if you try cat /proc/video/dev/video0

    Do you see somthing like Vanilla iTVC15 card?

  • Code
    1. minipc pvrinput-0.1.0 # mount | grep proc
    2. proc on /proc type proc (rw)
    3. usbfs on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (rw,devmode=0664,devgid=85)
    4. minipc pvrinput-0.1.0 # ll /proc/video/
    5. ls: /proc/video/: No such file or directory

    video is not in proc...

  • Okay then the function here

    can only find something in


  • Ok guys :

    Upgrading to pvrinput-0.1.0 from pvrinput-0.0.8 made the trick ! It works like a charm now and I can say THANK YOU everybody which help me, you know who you are.