XXV Translator and Supporter in english

  • Hello Friends,

    we are the Developer from the XXV Interface. We search for a cool man with a better english as we have ;)

    Whats the tasks:

    - we need a better documentation in english
    - we need a better support on the english Mailinglist from vdr
    - we need a better english localized version from xxv

    What we have:

    - a xxv with an english interface (ofcourcse)
    - no time ;)
    - no money ;)
    - ugly english experiences ;)

    May it is not much work and you think "thats a great job for me!" ... then send me a pm! We are a little, but powerfull team and your name as co-autor write we in maintainer list from xxv ;)

    xpix and Hulk

  • Hello,

    nice idee, as a matter of course are other language like klingon also possible :
    it's must be only generated and translated.

    See also XXV/locale/README

    This used translation system use the same functionality as GNU gettext does,
    it's use module Locale::gettext. on debian liblocale-gettext-perl

    Howto add new translation
    *) Edit Makefile and add on target your my_language.po and my_language.pot filename
    *) Call "#> make clean", to force rebuild dependencies
    *) Call "#> make prepare", it's merge all gettext-entry on Modules
    for all *.po files (and your language.po file)
    *) Edit now my_language.po with your favored texteditor,
    leave field msgid "..." unedited,
    replace all fields msgstr "..." with your own translated text
    *) Call "#> make all" to convert language.po to GNU message catalog language.mo

    Select used language
    Your language will be select with your defined shell environment,
    as all messages from system are in your selected language
    export LANG="de_DE@euro"; ./xxvd ...