[ANNOUNCE] vdr-1.3.12-onlypid-patch

  • Newer Versions of VDR come with auto PID scanning.
    The menu allows you to select how you want to do this. The options are

    [0] = ("no");
    [1] = ("names only");
    [2] = ("names and PIDs");
    [3] = ("add new channels");
    [4] = ("add new transponders");

    The option I wanted was missing. I was after an update that kept the PIDs up to date but did not change the names.... so I added it in.

    The menu now contains :

    [0] = ("no");
    [1] = ("names only");
    [2] = ("PIDs only");
    [3] = ("names and PIDs");
    [4] = ("add new channels");
    [5] = ("add new transponders");

    And the update code works with these numbers.

    The patch file is available to download if anyone else would like this add on.

  • Macht do gleich eine "Bitmap" draus.
    Je ein ja/nein feld für:

    • names
    • pid
    • new channels
    • new transponders

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  • Sorry I have to reply in English my German is pretty bad (I understand quite a bit but my replies are bad ;D

    I thought this would be a nice middle ground between doing nothing at all and messing with everything. If you want to add more channels but not mess with the good ones you have I guess you could make a copy of your channels.conf file and run it on 'add new channels' for 10 minutes.
    Then copy the old file back and add on the extra ones that you found.
    Maybe I'll do that as my next patch.


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  • Woran liegt das eigendlich, dass nicht immer die PIDs richtig gefunden/gesetzt werden (jetzt ohne diesen Patch, nur mit Autopid Patch auf 1.2.6 oder 1.3.x plain) ?


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  • Nice idea,

    will try this later at home. This avoids renaming all the logo names for channel logos.

    But I have in mind (out of another thread here in the board) that "kls" is going to use the extended names for the channels to realize some kind of bouquet control...

    ...then you'll need to update names and pids.


  • wir denn in der 1.3.xx schon neu getunt, wenn sich was ändert und ich gerade den sender schauen oder aufnehme???

    das ist bei manchen sendern notwendig...

    Gruß Martin (linuxdep)

  • hi,

    für jeden, den es interessiert:
    habe den onlypid-patch für die 1.3.12 mal an 1.3.17 angepasst, so das er ohne Fehlermeldungen patched.

    to whom it may concern:
    adopted the onlypid-patch for 1.3.12 to version 1.3.17 so that it patches without errors.