ReelBox Series DVB-S2 Question

  • at first to apologize for bad English:)

    I got it as a gift ReelBox Series DVB-S2...HDMI port inserted..

    I wonder if I can use this 'nice' device

    if he can, what do you suggest I do

    I'm asking for help

    if the topic is wrong, I ask the moderator to move it

    maybe it’s my model RedBox Lite???

  • Moved into this (Sub-)Forum, best place to hit people with knowledge about that hardware ...

    HowTo: APT pinning

  • Hi,

    what can still be used to use a current BM2LTS software version is the NetCeiver with the SAT tuner. The BM2LTS operating system should then be run on an Intel NUC.



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  • modifing the hardware of the box would probably be the best solution.

    Maybe you already noticed that the device consists of 2 main parts: The mainboard with x86-processor and the so called "netceiver" with slots for different tuners.

    The mainboard was always relatively buggy and mostly the first part to release the "magic smoke".

    If you change the mainboard, you can use any VDR version / distribution you like and are not bound to BM2LTS.

    The netceiver is either supported by VDR directly through the mcli-plugin or you could use minisatip to access the netceiver and then use the VDR-Plugin for satip to talk to minisatip. (i found this to be the most reliable solution).

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