[ansible] vdr 2.4.7 Segmentation Fault beim Start mit softhddevice und aktivem skinnopacity oder skinflat

  • lnj it did not happen under yaVDR Ansible running on Ubuntu Bionic which uses:

    - VDR 2.4.0

    - softhddevice 1:1.0.5+git20200928-2-78f23fa-0yavdr0~bionic

    - skinnopacity 1.1.3.git20140524.1729-10yavdr0~bionic

    In my case the "Magick" crashes started using/upgrading to Ubuntu Focal which uses

    - VDR 2.4.7

    - softhddevice 1.1.1-0yavdr0~focal

    - skinnopacity 1:1.1.8-0yavdr0~focal

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