[ANNOUNCE] VDR version 2.4.6 released

  • VDR version 2.4.6 is now available at


    A 'diff' against the previous version is available at


    MD5 checksums:

    aa91614159ae2db45655d35918e2c24e vdr-2.4.6.tar.bz2

    b75cc737a5ea5fc059c2264b7ed21fa9 vdr-2.4.4-2.4.6.diff

    You can also get the latest stable version at the official VDR GIT archive with

    git clone --branch stable/2.4 git://git.tvdr.de/vdr.git

    This version fixes a few bugs that came up after the release of version 2.4.4.

    The changes since version 2.4.4:

    - Updated the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).

    - Fixed handling newline characters in ci.c's CopyString() (reported by Winfried Köhler).

    - Fixed checking the return value of the Open() call in cFileName::SetOffset() (reportedby Winfried Köhler).

    - Fixed a possible invalid lock sequence in cMenuTimers::OnOff().

    - Fixed several typos (reported by Jens Schleusener).

    - Implemented anti-aliasing for cPixmap::DrawSlope() and cPixmap::DrawEllipse() (thanksto Christoph Haubrich). The version numbers (both VDRVERSNUM and APIVERSNUM) have been bumped to 2.4.5 to indicate this change.

    - Fixed alignment of semi-circles in case of odd sizes.

    - Increased the size of the TS buffer to 16MB, to have more reserve when recording several HD programmes.

    - Added checking the symbol rate to cDvbTuner::IsTunedTo(), which apparently got lost in version 1.7.13 (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Now checking for an empty command in cDvbTuner::GetSignalStats() to avoid a possible error message (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Now initializing the status variable in cDvbTuner::GetFrontendStatus() and cDvbTuner::GetSignalStats() to avoid problems with drivers that don't do this (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Fixed multiple recording entries in case a recording is started during the initial reading of the video directory (reported by Claus Muus).

    - Fixed an unnecessary double call to Display() in cMenuRecording::RefreshRecording() (reported by Christoph Haubrich).

    - Fixed a crash in case an error occurs when setting a remote timer.

    - Fixed allocating memory for cImage (reported by Christoph Haubrich).

    - Fixed parsing the '-l' command line option (reported by Harald Milz).

    - Fixed possible compilation errors with libjpeg (thanks to Bernd Kuhls).

    - Fixed "read incomplete section" errors (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Fixed generating the HashId in cEIT::cEIT() (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Added initialization of cDvbFrontend::frontendInfo (thanks to Winfried Köhler).

    - Fixed a bug in handling shared PMTs, where after the first pass not all SIDs of a PMT pid were checked any more (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Fixed PMT handling in case locking the Channels list times out (reported by Helmut Binder).

    - Avoiding a lengthy lock on the Channels list when starting a recording (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Fixed error handling when loading a plugin (reported by Markus Ehrnsperger).

    - Improved handling missing VDRPluginDestroyer() (thanks to Winfried Köhler).

    - Fixed initializing tmpbuf in ExtendedEventDescriptors::getText() (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Fixed a compiler warning (thanks to Winfried Köhler).

    - Fixed convertCharacterTable() in case iconv_open() fails (thanks to Helmut Binder).

    - Official release.

    Have fun!


  • Danke für die neue Version :thumbup:

    SAT Hardware: Gibertini SE75 | DuraSat Dur-Line UK-24 | DD OctopusNET V2 Rack (Firmware 1.1.6) mit MaxS8
    Server: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 | Sempron 145@2Cores | 8GB ECC RAM | PicoPSU | Debian Stretch 64Bit | VDR 2.4.5 mit SAT>IP, epgsearch, live, markad
    Clients: RaspberryPI 2/3 | Yocto Poky Linux (Openembedded) 3.2+git | Linux Kernel 5.4.72 | VDR 2.4.5 mit SAT>IP, RpiHDDevice, SkinDesigner, Remote, Extrecmenu, Femon, Mlist

    R.I.P: Gigaset M740 mit VDR von open7x0.org

  • Dann kann ja die 2.5.1 kommen :)

    Danke für Deine Arbeit :tup

    vdr-User-# 755 to_h264 chk_r vdr-transcode github

  • Dann kann Weihnachten ja kommen. DANKE :) tolle Arbeit


    BM2LTS im VDR-Portal   http://www.bm2lts.de   http://www.sc-schulze.de


    Empfang: Octopus Net S2 max (8 Tuner) + Octopus Net S2 max (8 Tuner) + Netceiver (2x DVB-s2dual)

    Kopfstation: Virtuelle Maschine mit BM2LTS v3.4.XX

    Clients: NUC10i5FNH2 -> BM2LTS v3.4.XX; FireTV4k mit Kodi u. VNSI-Plugin

    NAS: Aufnahmen u. Plex-Media


  • AUR sync läuft. Vorgehensweise wie üblich. Plugins, die nicht gebaut haben, aktualisiert. Rest alter Stand. Wenn jemandem auffällt das ein Plugin nicht aktuell ist, dann entweder im AUR als "veraltet" markieren oder Issue auf GitHub anlegen. Ich prüfe die nicht alle.

  • das newplugin script scheint kaputt zu sein, das erzeugte Makefile macht Unsinn.

    Ich hab zwar Null Ahnung von Perl, aber ich vermute mal..

    1. newplugin:79
    2. -PKGCFG = \$(if \$(VDRDIR),\$(shell $(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=\$(1) \$(VDRDIR)/vdr.pc),\$(shell PKG_CONFIG_PATH="\$\$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:../../.." $(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=\$(1) vdr))
    3. +PKGCFG = \$(if \$(VDRDIR),\$(shell \$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=\$(1) \$(VDRDIR)/vdr.pc),\$(shell PKG_CONFIG_PATH="\$\$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:../../.." \$(PKG_CONFIG) --variable=\$(1) vdr))