Xineliboutput dropping frames on certain DVB-S/2 channels

  • Hello,

    I have hardware setup:

    Intel Core i3-7100U Processor (2.40 GHz) + Intel GT2-520 GPU, 8GB DDR4

    PCI-e card DVB-S/2 Dual tuners ST-STV0910 by Digital Devices.

    Software setup:

    DEBIAN ("buster") v10.10.0

    vdr (2.4.0/2.4.0) - The Video Disk Recorder --> installed from Debian package distribution (apt-get)

    xineliboutput (2.1.0) - X11/xine-lib output plugin --> installed from Debian package distribution (apt-get)

    Intel graphics driver i965-va-driver Version: 2.3.0+dfsg1-1 (intel-vaapi-driver)

    xserver-xorg-core Version: 2:1.20.4-1

    With some HD channels from Hotbird-13E and Astra1M-19E2 Xineliboutput can not display video correctly; video is jittery and it is constantly dropping frames after period of one second. If I record the video from that channel and play that video file with VLC player then it plays correctly and smoothly. I assume that problem is with Xineliboutput playback.

    Example channel with dropping frames:

    COMEDYCENTRALHD;PRISA TV:11258:vC23M5O35S1:S19.2E:22000:165=27:0;100=@106,101=@106:48:1810:30912:1:1004:0

    What I am missing from Xineliboutput config?

    Here is my Xineliboutput config options that are not default:

  • Hi,

    You should test with vaapidevice

    Test-VDR1: HP rp5700 Fertigsystem, Core2Duo E6400, 2GB RAM, FF-SD C-2300, nvidia Slim-GT218 x1 | easyVDR 2.0 64Bit
    VDR3: in Rente

    VDR4: MSI G31M2 v2, Digitainer2-Geh., t6963c 6" gLCD, E5200, 2GB, 3TB WD Red, GT730, 2x TT S2-3200; easyVDR 3.5 64bit
    VDR5: Gigabyte
    GA-G31M-S2L, Intel E2140, Zotac GT730 passiv, Digitainer2-Geh., t6963c 6 " gLCD, 2 TB WD Red, 2x TT S2-3200 (an 1 Kabel) easyVDR 3.5 64bit
    Intel E5200, GT630 passiv, F1 750 GB, t6963c gLCD, 2x TT S2-3200 | easyVDR 3.5 64bit
    VDR-User #1068

  • I pulled the pacage from git and build vdr-plugin-vaapidevice from source. VDR seems to load the plugin vaapidevice, but fails with error:

    VAAPI-ERROR: codec: can't allocate HW video codec context

    What i am missing?

  • my vainfo:

  • I was using -v vaapi, and if I run the plugin without -v option VDR terminates with error: VAAPI-ERROR: codec: can't allocate HW video codec context

    I have installed Intel driver: i965-va-driver 2.4.0

  • What do you mean? -v ffmpeg and -v hwaccels and -v ffmpeg-hwaccels?
    Both options gave me error:

    VAAPI-ERROR: video: 'hwaccels' output module isn't supported

  • Sry, I was thinking that you are talking about vaapidevice parameter.

    Here is the output of ffmpeg -hwaccels:

  • I built the vaapidevice at Debian 10 virtual machine and imported the linked and po/ to sat-pc which has same version of Debian OS. I installed the plugin via install -D /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/
    Then I checked that all depending libraris are installed. Perhaps plugin is broken because I built it in different PC and just installed plugin binary...

  • I downloaded and build the source from

    in plugin config I added parameters:



    -v va-api

    -w alsa-driver-broken


    softhddevice.AudioSoftvol = 1

    softhddevice.60HzMode = 1

    softhddevice.ClearOnSwitch = 1

    Most of the channels playback is ok, but all channels have flickering (~50Hz) especially noticable aroun bright white logos and texts in video - how to configure the plugin to avoid flickering?

    syslog when channel playback starts:

  • When I switch to 4K channel: Nasa TV UHD;(null):10728:hC34M5O35S1:S13.0E:30000:357+377=36:358=@4,359=@4:0:0:4602:318:11100:0

    Some 4K channels that have AC3 audio stream and H.265 3840x2160 progressive vidoe have stuttering audio for

    SES UHD Demo Channel;SES:10993:HC56M5O35P0S1:S19.2E:22000:511=36:0;512=deu@122:0:0:1:1:1035:0