hispasat 30w

  • Hi Joe,

    it seems strange here, too:

    These are all channels found with the above w_scan2 half an hour ago!

    But I can tune ""Hispasat 4K HEVC" easily freq=11262, pol=V, srate=30000



  • This is all I get with w_scan -a 1 -fs -s S30W0 -o 21 >> channels-hispasat.conf. With tvheadend I get all channels and they tune in fine.

    RTP 3;(null):10730:hC34M2O35S1:S30W:27500:2003=27:3003@4:0:2600:3:0:0:0

    Arise News;RR Media:10730:hC34M2O35S1:S30W:27500:2032=2:3032=eng@3:0:0:32:0:0:0

    Feed;RR Media:10730:hC34M2O35S1:S30W:27500:2101=27:3101=eng@4,4101=eng@4:0:2600:101:0:0:0

  • If you can do this on librelec on wetek play 1 :)

    Try in vdr-2.4.1 in sdt.c after

    case 0x19: // digital HD television service


    case 0x20: // digital UHD television service

    And recompile vdr.

    For channel scan you can:

    Select "add transponders" in dvb settings, switch for any channels on neighboring transponder, or create new channel from osd menu. vdr must find the new channels.

    Or try use channelscan plugin and scan transponder manually.

    This is if type 0x20 is used for UHD service on hispasat 30w.

  • Thank you for this. I really appreciate it.