[markad] überarbeiteter Decoder

  • Wie ist denn momentan das empfohlene Vorgehen, mit oder ohne Logodir?

    Ich meine ich hatte mit der 2.0.2 Nicht so gute Erfahrungen wenn ich ihm das Verzeichnis mit den Logos gegeben habe. Mit leerem Verzeichnis hat das irgendwie besser gepasst

    CKone: yavdr-ansible/18.04 LTS/2.4.1/kodi18 auf Intel DH67BL, Intel Celeron G540, 2x 2GB Kingston DDR3, Zotac GT630 1GB, S2-1600, Ocz Agility 3 60GB, LG GH24NS DVD, 15.6" Selbstbau TFT, Harmony 665, CIR Selbstbau - das Ganze im Silverstone SST-SG03B
    CKtwo: yavdr-ansible/18.04 LTS/2.4.1/kodi18 auf Intel DH67BL, Intel Celeron G1610, 2x 2GB Corsair DDR3, Zotac GT630 1GB, TT S2-1600, Ocz Vertex 2 50 GB, 92 Kanal Seduatmo, Harmony 665, atric USB
    PowerEdge: Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS / VDR 2.4.1 auf Dell PowerEdge T20, Xeon E3-1225 v3, 16GB ECC DDR3, 2x Cine S2 V6 mit Duoflex, Samsung 840 EVO 120GB, 3x WD White WD80EZAZ 8TB in SW Raid5

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    Wie ist denn momentan das empfohlene Vorgehen, mit oder ohne Logodir?

    Kurze Antwort: Teste es und nehme das, was besser funktioniert.

    Lange Antwort: Wenn deine gespeicherten Logo gut und aktuell sind, wird man damit ein leicht besseres Ergebnis erzielen. Nur bei wenigen Aufnahmen kann markad aufgrund von z.B. Einblendungen kein passendes Logo ermitteln und liefert falsche Logos. Bei Sendern, die auch die Werbung mit 6 Kanal Ton senden, muss man eh ein Logo speichern. Hat man aber keine Lust laufend die gespeicherten Logos zu überprüfen und zu aktualisieren, bekommt man ohne Logos ein besseres Ergebnis. Lieber gar keine, als falsche Logos. Das ist wohl auch deine Erfahrung.

    Ich selbst habe genau die gleiche Erfahrung gemacht, dass es ohne Logos leicht besser funktioniert. Dann muss man eben die Ausnahmefälle akzeptieren, wo es schief geht. Besser als laufend Logos zu aktualisieren ...

  • xyzzy

    In this log file logo extraction is off, I need one were the wrong logo file name is generated.

    DEBUG: parameter --autologo is set to 0

    Please call markad with --autologo=2

    I see a lot of unnecessary log messages, --loglevel=3 is enough.

  • I have no idee what went wrong here.

    I can not receive FOX Channel, can I download a part of your recording ?

    Edit: If possible the complete recording.


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  • With changing the minimum frame count I need for a logo, I got one. And it has the correct name.

    Something is special on your system. What OS do you use and how much memory do you have ?

  • xyzzy

    a full recording is the best way to see what is going wrong:

    1. logo extraction works on my system as you can see in my log file. Ignore Recording Name and channel in the log file. It is from the vdr info file. I made a copy of your recording into one of my Simpson recording from Pro7. Can you please post your info file from the recording director for my future tests.

    2. Your memory of 6 GB is much more than we need. Maybe there is a problem with the libavcodec version on debian stretch. I will build a test system to investigate.

    3. The logos changes are recognized correctly but the position is only about the half of the correct position. I assume this is from the MPEG-4 SD Format of the stream, I never saw that in my recordings. I will fix this.


  • First result from my debian test:

    Why do you have such an old libavcodec version on your system ?

    I can not reproduce your problem with a new installation of Debian stretch but I got a much newer libavcodec:

    cat /etc/debian_version


    using libavcodec.so.57.64.101 with 4 threads (from my markad.log)

    using libavcodec.so.56.60.100 with 4 threads (from your first log file)

    If you have ffmpeg installed you can also see the versions by calling ffmpeg without parameter on the command line.

  • xyzzy

    The problem with the wrong marks was a bug in loading the logos from the recording directory. The bug has only impact on full colored logos.

    Here the steps that will hopefully fix your problem:

    1. Update your system especially libavcodec and libavformat

    2. download build and install new fixed developer version (git clone -b V02 https://github.com/kfb77/vdr-plugin-markad)

    3. delete all *.pgm files from recording directory

    4. call:

    1. markad -v --loglevel=3 --autologo=2 --log2rec --astopoffs=0 --cDecoder --logocachedir=/tmp nice <path to recording>

    The logocachedir is intentionally set to a path were markad will not find the logo. This will force markad to build a own logo.

    5. Wait till complete, this could take some minutes. Your incomplete logs always end at a position, were markad does not log any for same time. Please be patient.

    6. post markad.log, marks and info file from recording directory. I need your info file because I want to keep your recording in my automated test. Your recording has a some different content than german FTA broadcasts.

    Here are the logs from my Debian test. The start marks are a little to late because the TV channel plays with the logo after an advertising.


    • markad.log.txt

      (24.04 kB, downloaded 46 times, last: )
    • marks.txt

      (237 Byte, downloaded 44 times, last: )
  • Hi I know how to complle markad against specific ffmpeg versions.

    Do you know which version of ffmpeg will work?

    I have ready the git versoon of feb 2017, or vrrsoo 2.7.2 but ca download and compile any other version

  • ffmpeg v2 is too old I think, never tested it. If possible go the easy way und use the ffmpeg from your distibution. Or do you need this version for another application ?

    You only have to remove all of your own build ffmpeg files and install libavcodec-dev and libavformat-dev from Debian stretch. You will get this version which work an my test system: