How to create blacklist for epgsearch? (SOLVED)

  • Eurosport is sending same cycling competition several times. They mark repeats typically (R). So with clear marking and by using that I could get rid of same legs in multiple recordings. I am using epgsearch and automated recordings configured by VDRLive web interface. There is clearly an option to use blacklist in searchtimer configuration but I have no idea how to make a blacklist entry. Based on google I got an impression that I must make a epgserachblacklist.conf file but as I have no such file in mys system yet I have no idea of format and location of that file.

    Is it really so that making that conf file is only way to make blacklist or is there a GUI to do it somewhere else? I have looked from Live plugin and well as Ubuntu normal VDR display with f9 buttons but no success so far.

  • I would recommend vdradmin-am for that purpose, since live appears (could not find a menu pointing to that purpose) to lack that feature to create exclusion lists. With vdradmin-am, you get the settings wrench right upside on the searchtimer menu page, which allows to create these lists from GUI.

    You can find them afterwards, in live, under the name you gave them.

    Btw. my epgsearchblacklists.conf (in /var/lib/vdr/plugins/epgsearch, maybe symlinked to /etc/vdr/plugins/epgsearch) looks like this:

    1. 0:Night:1:0005:0550:0:0:0:2:0:0:0:0:::0:0:0::1:0:0
    2. 1:HD-SAT:0:::2:hd-sat :0:0:0:0:0:0:::0:0:0::1:0:0
    3. 2:SchleFaz Munster Trek Telebörse:0:::0:0:0:2:1:0:1:0:::0:0:0::1:1:0

    The format (man epgsearchblacklists.conf) is the same as in epgsearch.conf,

    so you may as well move your epgsearch.conf out of place, create a (temporary) epgsearch.conf with live and rename it to epgsearchblacklists.conf afterwards.

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  • I have used vdraadmin-am many years ago but never noticed any major difference between it and VDRLive. Now there seems to be a significant difference so I will start running that again.

    Thanks for good answer - works in vdradmin-am just as "wmautner" said