Satip and two Satelitres (19.2 and 28.2) on one Server (Octopus4)

  • Hi,

    after my two server test did work fine, I now want to retire one of the servers.

    Satellits are connected this way:

    19.2 via Unicable:

    Tuner 1 and 2

    28.2 from twin LNB

    Tuner 3 and 4.

    How do I tell this to VDR?

    With Octocast and VLC I can view the channels, but I am confused about paramters src and fe.

    With fe=x I can choose tuners, src=y seams to be ignored (comes from diseq setting in octocast).

    Analyzing the source of satip plugin it seems to do it differently. src=y is filled from the extra numeric value in sources.conf, and fe=x is filled from rid (last numeric value in lines of channels.conf.

    1. cString GetTransponderUrlParameters(const cChannel *channelP)
    2. .......
    3. q += snprintf(q, STBUFLEFT, "&fe=%d", channelP->Rid() % 100);
    4. ST(" S *") q += snprintf(q, STBUFLEFT, "&src=%d", ((src > 0) && (src <= 255)) ? src : 1);

    So, what is the correct behavior? The one I see with VLC, or the one I read out of the sources of satip?

    Perhaps I did not find the right place in the source?

    And it also leads to the question how we can use more than one tuner of the RID/src is not default? I expected to find some code with a base number + automatically created offset.

    Grüße, Dieter :-)

  • Hi,

    from the readme

    and do not rely on fe=



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  • Thanks 9000H,

    I have seen that and tried, did not work. Then I started to analyze the sources, made experiments with Octocast and VLC.

    Found out that with VLC it works adding fe=TUNERNUMBER.

    src= is for diseq, but the plugin uses that from the description (the ones you mentioned). (src=y is ignored by Octopus)

    Adding rid=3 to channels.conf creates the fe=x and it did even tune to BBC ONE.

    So I think my theory is not totally wrong.

    Looks like it is not supported in the way I expected.

    From my syslog:

    1. SATIP1: bool cSatipTuner::SetSource(cSatipServer*, int, const char*, int) (210847, fe=3&src=1&freq=10847&pol=v&ro=0.25&msys=dvbs2&mtype=8psk&sr=23000&fec=34, 0) [device 0]

    You can see the fe=3 there

    Grüße, Dieter :-)