yavdr 0.6.2 vdr-plugin-channelscan?

  • what to write to terminal ?

    The messages should appear in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/upstart/vdr.log

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  • Can anybody tell me where I can find the transponderlists for Hotbird and Astra. I tried to create them manually, but it only scans the transponder I wrote into the list. I don't know why the other transponders are not automatically added.

    By the way, I am using the vdr-plugin-channelscan from the experimental-vdr PPA from yavdr ansible, which does not install any transponderlist.

  • In plugin setup menu select ini type of transponder file.

    Press "update" key in plugin menu with sat source.

    Transponder data loading from url, which set in Sat.url file in transponder directory, default it is


    You can try download and see.

    But last update March 24, 2018 :(

  • Thanks for the instructions.

    It did not work, as there was no Sat.url file in the /var/lib/vdr/plugins/transponders directory. First, I switched the settings of the channelsan plugin in the OSD of the plugin from tpl to ini. Then I added the Sat.url file to the transponders directory. The Sat.url file contained only one line the fastsatfinder address you indicated above.

    Afterwards, I was able to download the transponder lists and run a new channel scan. I was surprised by the amount of new channels it found, though the VDR core is configured to add the new channels and transponders it finds.

  • Code: https://bitbucket.org/ua0lnj/channelscan/overview
    1. -Sat.ini, Sat.tpl, SatNIT.ini, SatNIT.tpl
    2. Аny of these files can be in vdr-config-dir/plugins/transponders

    Shouldn't this be vdr-config-dir/plugins/channelscan/transponders? The directory mentioned in the README matches the source, but shouldn't a plugin keep it's files unter it's own directory?

    Also there are some calls to cPlugin::ConfigDirectory("reelchannellist") in csmenu.c - shouldn't that point to the proper plugin configuration directory?

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  • On my system, when I installed the channelsan plugin and tried to update the transponderlists, it asked for them in /var/lib/vdr/plugins/transponders. But I agree with you: /var/lib/vdr/plugins/channelscan/transponders seems more appropriate.

    I would like to point out, that the plugin was set to look for transponderlists in tpl format after the installation. If the transponder files you are adding are in ini format, would it be possible to change the default to ini?

    What would it take to have the plugin update the transponder list that was used after the channelscan? I noticed in the syslog at least 20 new transponders.

    VDR core also has a setting about updating the channel list. It offers a setting to also add new transponders. Does this mean that VDR core also keeps transponder lists somewhere?

    Finally, it seems that the reelchannelscan plugin is a fork from the channelscan plugin:


  • I uploaded a package for the Version 1.0.3 of the channelscan-Plugin for trusty (ppa:yavdr/stable-vdr) and bionic (ppa:yavdr/experimental-vdr).

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  • Historically transponders directory is a vdr-config-dir/plugins/transponders

    My git is a fork of reelchannelscan plugin.

    channelscan -> reelchannelscan -> channelscan

    So, a lot of code is left for Reelbox.

    vdr does not store transponder list, channels only.

    The plugin can update the list of transponders from the Internet or you can edit the transponder file manually.

    Set NIT scan yes in menu, then all that exists in NIT will be scanned.

    You can see in the log empty transponders, on which there is nothing, or detect the plugin's bug, when it does not find the channels that are on the transponder.

  • There still is some inconsistency: the directory channelscan has now appeared with the new package of seahawk, but the transponders lists are still updated in /var/lib/vdr/plugins/transponders. In this case, there is no need for an empty channelscan directory.