VDR 2.4.0 with ddci2 does not get subscription updates

  • Hello!

    I have a 2.4.0 installation with patches for ddci2 (vdr-2.4.0-06-fix-channel-switch.diff and vdr-2-4-0-camtweaks-1.patch) and it has been working perfect until a few days ago. Then I get "no access" error to all channels. When I see the CAM menu I find that my subscriptions are expired and no new updates over the DVB-C network. Just as a workaround I tried to move the CAM and CI access card to my TV and after about 15 minutes the decoding works again. Moved the CAM and CI back to VDR and now everything is perfect again. :)

    So my question is why does it not update the subscription over the network? How I can debug it? The card reader is from DD (DD DuoFlex CI).

  • Ok thanks kls  :)

    I think TV2 HD would be one to send this as it seems to be one that is reccommended from the Cable provider but how could I find out what transponder is suitable? Futhermore, when I put the CAM in the TV it was on TV2 HD for just 10-12 minutes and it decoded. I tried the same channel/transponder on VDR and it is one that is watched quite a bit so if this is actually transmitting updates we should have gotten it a long time ago....

  • Hello !

    The patch only replaces the reply to query for CAMs that do not support this. And this is only needed if more than one program should be decrypted, with only one active program, the patch has no effect.

    I have not noticed any negative effect yet. If I did not use my CAM for DVB-T2 for a longer time (2 weeks or so), the subscrption will be updated within 30 seconds.

    But I'll check it again tonight.


  • Ok thanks. No I do not find anything in the CAM menu regarding any counters but there is a lot of "stuff" in there around subscriptions and stuff. Guess I will just have to wait and see again. There is nothing I can do in the logs? Enable some kind of debugging or similar?

  • I have now watched the updates of the entitlements. The CAM was last in use 12 days ago. I switched to "ORF2W HD" (the recommendet channel for me). After about 5 minutes I checked the Cam-Menu and could see the changes (Interestingly with the date of yesterday).

    The ECM / EMM counter can be found in this CAM under a menu item named "Universal Client Status

    I used VDR-2.4.0 with ddci2 and the camstwaks patch, and everything looks normal to me.


  • I still do not get any subscription updates. Now one of my channel-packs got expired again and no way to get it to update through VDR... Asking for some guidance again. I have some few diffrent CAMs with Conax support. The one I have now can decode 8 channels (SMIT) but I have a few that can to 2 channels. Do you think I should try another CAM to find out if that helps? Just to try and narrow down what is causing the error?

  • corvy , which type of cam do you had success with?

    I have a DD Octopusnet dvb-c which has two cardreaders embedded. I have tried to use the CAM for IDTV (Smit CI+ MPEG-2/MPEG-4) and the smartcard, which Canal Digital delivered , but with no success. I can only scan and see freeeview channels in vlc. The smartcard works without CAM.

    Do you have some guidance?

  • haraldov

    I think you should ask DD.

    This article is about dvb cards and CI for the PC and not for DD OctopusNet.

    However, no one could help you without the information about the card type, the encryption system (Irdeto, Nagra, etc.) and the PayTV provider.


  • haraldov Sorry for the late reply, I missed the question! Sorry :|

    Well the one that works is this one:

    [Blocked Image: https://lh3.googleusercontent.…L3FV6hS2wA=w1198-h1596-no]

    Just today I got the error again. No channels decrypting and I swapped my Smit CAM for the one in the picture above.

    Tuned TV2 HD and waited...

    First I get some errors that the CAM can only decode one channel, which is fine because it can :P. The some no access or "ingen tilgang" which means the same in Norwegian. After about 3-4 minutes the channel suddenly tunes. Then I tune to C More, this is a different subscription and the process repeats one more time. After this I swap back to the SMIT cam and I have 4 channels decoded in parallell.

    If we could figure out what goes wrong with the SMIT I would be VERY HAPPY!