image-plugin [patch]

  • Try who wants it.

    Thank you vermy much, I uploaded a package with your patch:…shed&field.series_filter=

    yaVDR-Dokumentation (Ceterum censeo enchiridia esse lectitanda.)

  • Yet one fix for set "Send encoded frame several times" - "yes".

    I used this settings in "no" always, and in that case was used DeviceStillPicture().

    But choosing “yes” causes vdr to crash.

    Now this fixed.

    Tested with softhddevice and xineliboutput.

    I can't test softhdcuvid and vaapidevice, probably need to add type=2 for them too.

    in vdr-plugin-image/liboutput/stillimage.c:

    void cStillImage::BuildPesPacket(const unsigned char *data, int len, int timestamp) {


    if (cPluginManager::GetPlugin("softhddevice") != NULL) type = 2;

    if (cPluginManager::GetPlugin("softhdcuvid") != NULL) type = 2;

    if (cPluginManager::GetPlugin("vaapidevice") != NULL) type = 2;


    xineliboutput works with type = 1 and type = 2;

    Other video output plugins not tested.


  • Thanks a lot. With your patches the plugin is now ok.