RFE: Add dedicated season/episode field to epg.data

  • Hi Klaus,

    According to the description of epg.data in the VDR Wiki, there is no dedicated field for the season and episode information of TV Shows in epg.data. The season and episode information is IMHO at least as important as the subtitle to regular viewers of TV Shows.

    I am aware that some plugins like epgsearch are internally working with season and episode information by fishing them for example from the description field.

    Instead of having the various plugins have to create there own season/episode handling, I think that it would be much better if the various epg grabbers could store the season and episode information in dedicated fields in epg.data to make that information directly available to the VDR and plugins.

    I can imagine that the various sources offer the season and episode information in different formats. Is the grabber responsible to get the epg from that source not the best placed to fish the season and episode information from the source and store it into a dedicated field in epg.data to make it available to everyone?

    Thus, could you consider adding a dedicated field to epg.data for the season and episode information of TV Shows?

    (This field might also be useful for example to movies that belong to a movieset.)

    I will not continue here with trying to specify the format of the new field. The people that have written grabbers for the VDR are probably the best placed to discuss about the needed format.

    By the way, if you are going to add season and episode information to epg.data, could you make that information directly visible in the program schedule of a channel and on the info screen that appears when hitting the OK button of the remote control?

    Have a nice day.

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