[xmltv] Help with VDR and xmltv EPG integration

  • Hi,
    I'm using VDR as backend on my home server (build from source, on Ubuntu Server 16,04, frontend is Kodi with VDR-VNSI). I have all the plugins configured as I like, but I'm really lost with configuring to add xml epg data to VDR epg. I think I would need the xmltv2vdr plugin, but I'm not even sure. Here is what I would like to do:

    I have the EPG source in xml available online for two days (it is for Hungarian channels). I would like to use the EPG data from this downloaded file for some of the channels configured in VDR. How can I do this? Can somebody help me with an example? I read the xmltv2vdr wiki, but it is not clear to me.

    The source xml file can be downloaded here (updated each day for two days): guide.xml

    Here is for example one line from my channels.conf file:

    1. M4 Sport;DigiTV:11900:hC56M2O0S0:S1.0W:28000:4040=2:4047=hun@4:0:1802,1880,1815,D02,D97,653,B02:3490:1:12:0

    Now I would like to use the relevant data from the downloaded guide.xml file for channel M4 Sport in VDR. Please help me, what and how I need to configure to make this work?

    Let me know if you need any more input from my side.


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  • At least it's a xmltv file.
    To import this file in the vdr you will need indeed the xmltv2vdr plugin.
    The channelmapping is done via the VDR OSD which can be accessed in KODI and the VNSI-Plugin.

    To import the xmltv file into VDR you have to create a "controlfile" -> Plugin readme https://projects.vdr-developer…sions/master/entry/README

    create the controlfile in /var/lib/epgsources
    Eg: /var/lib/epgsources/hu_epg

    create a script which downloads the xmltv to /var/lib/epgsources/hu_epg.xmltv
    the script has to be in path and must named exactly as the epgsource, hu_epg

    fill the controlfile:
    [all channels provided by the xmltv file, named as the channel id which are found in the xmltv file.