Digital Devices Octopus Net with three tuner cards

  • The Digital Devices Octopus Net is a SAT/IP network tuner. It is supplied with up to two tuner cards, with two tuners each, and two CI interfaces. If you do not need the two CI interfaces you can replace them with a tuner card, for a total of three cards, six tuners in the system.

    The first picture shows the hardware used: a DVB-S2 tuner card, a sawn off PCI slot bracket, and a custom bracket for mounting the new card in the Octopus Net. The custom bracket has been laser cut from 1mm thick stainless steel.
    In the second picture the DVB-S2 tuner has been mounted on the custom bracket and is ready for installing.
    In the third picture you can see the DVB-S2 tuner mounted in the Octopus Net, below two DVB-T2 tuners.
    The custom bracket has been designed using LibreCAD on Linux. A zip with the Autocad and PDF files of the custom bracket are attached.