Setting LCNs

  • Have just installed Openelec, using VDR as my backend.
    Have searched but can't find how to change the channel numbers (LCN), using either VDR or Kodi. ie Channels default to numbering from 1 to 37 (or so), but I want to be able to select channels using the remote as "7" (currently numbered as 13), or "75" (currently numbered as 9) etc.
    How can I change this? (Have searched but found nothing.) Would also like to sort by this in the guide.

  • Channels are sort by the channel.conf. Normaly you find it in /var/lib/vdr

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  • Channels are sort by the channel.conf. Normaly you find it in /var/lib/vdr

    Not in OpenELEC. I can't look currently, but I think it will be: /storage/.kodi/addons/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/config/channels.conf
    Don't forget to stop the VDR service before editing the file!


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  • OK, have edited : /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/config/channels.conf while service stopped, rebooted and is now sorting the channels in the correct order, but the LCNs still are not being recognised?

    Only post I could find re LCNs was this: and if I format using that example, ie:

    ONE Wide Bay;SCA:191500000:B7C34D34G16M64S0T8Y0:T:0:2811=2:0;2812=eng@106:2813:0:2098:12812:2066:0
    SBS HD;SBS:177500000:B7S0:T:27500:102=2:103=eng@4:43:0:949:12802:944:0
    7 Digital;Seven Network:184620000:B7C34D34G16M64S0T8Y0:T:0:5377=2:5378=eng@3:5380:0:2384:4115:2368:0

    the channels sort correctly, but are still numbered 1=>NN, and not by their LCNs (in this case 1; 2; 3; 7; 9; etc), therefore still can't use a remote to directly select...
    Also, the EPG function now seems to be broken?