[SOLVED] Cine S2 v6.5 mit thin-mini ITX motherboard 4 poligen Floppystecker

  • Hi Everybody,

    Im a happy owner of a Asus Q87T motherboard, with an i7-4790S processor.

    I wanted to buy a Cine S2 v6.5 but at the very last moment i notice that this
    card seems to need an external power supply connected in order to power
    the LNBs, am i right until here? I quote from the manual:

    • Verbinden Sie einen 4 poligen Floppystecker (zur Stromversorgung des LNB) mit dem Stecker am hinteren Ende der TV-Karte. (nur S2)
      Connect a standard 4 pin floppy power connector (to power the LNB) to the connector at the rear of the TV card. (only Cine S2)

    This cable that is needed to power the Cine S2 card is available in any normal power
    supply, but thin mini itx board have external power supply (laptop style), so no
    floppy style connectors, does it mean that Cine S2 Cards are incompatible with
    mini itx motherboard ? (without adding a second big power supply just for the card)

    May be some others cards are more appropriate ?

    Any ideas would be welcome :)

    Danke and sorry for not speaking to you in german :(

  • If you use a Multiswitch with power after your LNB you don't need this power connector.

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  • Hi Tommy.Z, thx for your answer, but buying a multiswitch powered LNB just for my little purpose seems to be too pricy for me.
    I was eventually thinking about plugin the cable into one of the 4-pin CPU fan connectors, they also provide +5V/+12V, but i'm a bit
    afraid the Amp would be too high and i would fry my motherboard or at least the connector.
    Not sure what to do now, my sweet old dvbs r1.3 didn't need all that mess :/

    EDIT: Actually a power supply like this : http://www.dhresource.com/0x0s…er-supply-5v-12v-dual.jpg
    would make perfectly the job, right ? (not taking into account the wrong cable for sata in the picture ofc)

  • Hi woggle,
    thanks you so much for this cable, i completely forgot about getting it from SATA, awesome :)

    I will order my card now and enjoy this double tuner.

    Thanks a ton to everyone that contribute to help me on this topic :)