Cinergy 1200 DVB-C pci corrupt video on i5 750 based system

  • Hello,

    Does anyone have ideas why I get corrupt video with TerraTec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C pci on Gigabyte P55M-UD2 motherboard and i5 750 cpu based system? Every few seconds the video gets messed up. If I decrease the number of cpu cores in use from the bios video artifacts become smaller or disappear (not entirely sure). Anysee E30 USB tuner works fine without problems with this setup. I've checked that the MB bios is newest available. Problem exist with both yavdr 0.5 and 0.6. The signal level that vdr reports is very good and does not seem to influence the problem, there are no jumps when video messes up.

    The TerraTec card works fine with older setups, for example one based on Athlon X2 and Asus motherboard (AM2/3). But I would like to upgrade my setup to faster and wonder may I get similar problems with other newer hardware? On the other hand, should I consider giving up using old pci tuners?


  • I forgot to check logs before and issue seems to be due to vdpau dropping and duping frames. Disabling cpu cores does not remove the problem but somehow makes picture errors subtle. Still, this seems to be related to the Terratec card because with Anysee E30 the problem does not exist. My graphics card is Geforce GT220 and I don't have other card to test. Also I cannot test other pci slots. With Athlon X2 setup but same graphics card and tuner there is no problems. I found other forum entries with similar issue but there the reason there seems to be different and not related to tuner.

  • Dear pantzu:
    I have the same DVB-card(s).
    One is the Terratec 1200 and the other is the brandlabeled Mystique Cabix (same HW). With both cards I had the same problems with different recent systems on the same hardware (yaVDR 0.6, Archlinux with MythTV).

    Reducing the Active Processor Cores to 1 solved it (reduced the blocking artefacts) to an extend that I can happily watch TV with it again.

    Of course i'd rather would like to use all 4 cores available, so I would be interested if you have found a better solution yet.

    I did not have the problem using yaVDR 0.5

    See here, my thread for cross-reference

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  • Dear schitthoch2,

    I have not found a solution. Reducing number of active cores to 2 or 1 reduced image corruption, but did not fix the problem. It kept dropping and duping frames according to log. HD video remained unwatchable.

    I tested another graphics card (Quadro K620) but the picture corruptions got even worse. I also had to use newer drivers. It allowed me also to test other pci slot but it did not have an effect.

    I already had given up hope finding anybody else suffering same(?) problem and was going to give up that hardware. Your hardware seems similar to mine, as besides TV tuners we both have socket 1156 cpu and motherboard based on the same chipset, Intel® P55 Express Chipset. I keep running my vdr box on older Athlon X2 based hardware.

    I'd appreciate a fix for this problem too.