Needed help "xmltv2vdr: ERROR epgsource returned 1"

  • Hello

    i have got a rpi2 + dvb-t tuner that run under openelec 6 and VDR for the TV.
    This system work well and i would now import external EPG data...

    i read several thread about xmltv2vdr and it isn't so clear for me :

    - i was thinking of download xmltv file from internet ( for france) with a cron task

    - and use xmltv2vdr to import the downloaded file into VDR

    Is it possible to do like this ?


  • This is what i've done till now for trying run xmltv2vdr :

    1/ according to the wiki of VDR i've create a control file that i"ve named "kazer" and put in /epgsources (for openelec the path seems to be /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/config/epgsources)

    2/ I've created this small script to download the EPG data from the internet (for France it's, the name of the script is also "kazer" and i put it in "/storage/.kodi/addons/service.multimedia.vdr-addon/bin" because can't write in /usr/bin under openelec
    (xxx = my id account for

    3/ from the VDR OSD under kodi i mapped the channel_id of kazer with the channel of VDR : now i could see the file "setup.conf" of VDR have been update with the mapped channel

    4/ Now openelec return following ERROR :

    1. xmltv2vdr: 'kazer' ERROR epgsource returned 1

    And under kodi at the screen all the EPG of mapped channels is blank !!!

    Someone could help me ?

  • You should perhaps write the error message "xmltv2vdr: 'kazer' ERROR epgsource returned 1" in the title, to draw the attention of the members with the required knowledge.

    I don't know what the error message means, but you could perhaps add a command to write something in the syslog at the beginning of the shell script. This way, you might be able to determine whether the shell script gets at least called.

    If the shell script gets called, leave only the command to write in the syslog and exit 0 in the shell script. If kazer.xmltv is in the right place, xmltv2vdr will import it even if it was not downloaded by the shell script. I think this way, you can at least progress slowly.