VDR stream to Android

  • I successfully setup VDR as PVR, everything works well.

    Now i want to make stream avaiable outside of my home. I would like to use for this Android Tablet or Phone.

    Im looking for good solution. I know that this can be done by streamdev and externremux but im looking for web/app solution for android?

    I found projects iVDR, iSTREAMDEV but there looks that not are maintained and old.

    Is there any interesting solution?

  • Which operating system? yaVDR for example has a web interface with streaming support -> Point 3

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  • You are looking for VDR Manager:

    VDRManager on Google Play Store

    You need the vdrmanager-plugin on serverside.

    Works perfectly on my system.

  • Streamdev includes a web interface and support http streams.

    Point your browser to http://ip-or-name-of-your-vdr:3000, than you can select channel and format to play.
    Inside the home there should be no problem, android and windows clients should be able to play without problems.

    When you want to look from outside, than your internet connections limits the bandwidth.
    See http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Externremux.sh to build a stream which fits into your bandwidth.


    Sag mir, wo die Developer sind. Wo sind sie geblieben? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SoftHdDevice - A software and GPU emulated HD output device plugin.
    Sag mir, wo die Developer sind. Was ist geschehn?

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  • Plex Media Server combined with the VDR-Bundle is by far the best solution.

    Very easy to setup, very good looking app for nearly all thinkable devices. Transcoding on the fly for low band with comes out of the box. Scraper for pictures, banners, trailers is very sophisticated.
    Scraping errors easy to edit.

    Okay, it is better for recordings, Live TV works not so great, but who has time to look TV live?


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