w_scan able to search DVB-T2 channels with known frequencies?

  • I am currently running with these configurations on Raspberry Pi 2:
    1. OpenElec 6.0.0
    2. Geniatech T230 USB Stick
    3. Tvheadend service + client
    I manage to get all 7 free DVB-T2 channels in Singapore.

    However, tvh has its limitations. I would like to try VDR,
    but I am not able to get any channel using w_scan.
    Moreover, country option of Singapore is not available.

    Is there a way to scan DVB-T2 channels with known frequencies?

  • Hi,

    probably you should use -c SG for Singapore, but here you may find also some hints dvb-t2


    DVB-T2 support requires a w_scan version >= 20120111 (choose 20140727 or newer.)


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