UK Freeview HD channel EPG data corrupted

  • I have a problem with nonsense epg data for UK Freeview HD channels. I don't know if this is a character encoding issue or something more sinister. All the SD channels appear to be fine.

    Here is a problem part of my with the BBC ONE HD data

    The channels.conf line for BBC ONE HD is
    BBC ONE HD:682000000:C23D0G32I0M256P0Q16434S1T8X1:T:0:6601=27:6602=eng@17,6606=eng@17:0;6605=eng:0:17540:9018:16515:0

    w_scan would not find the HD channels so I had to create this line myself from a working tvheadend config. Is there anything obviously wrong with this line or does it look like a VDR epg bug?

  • Thanks, I've been doing some research and apparently the UK Freeview HD channels use something called Huffman encoding for the EPG data which isn't supported by VDR core but is supported by tvheadend…blob/master/src/huffman.c

    I've tried the eepg plugin but that didn't make any difference. The issue you linked to implies that support was added for Freeview so either something changed with the broadcasts or I am doing something wrong. Did you have to configure anything other than installing the plugin? I am compiling everything from source on Arch Linux and now have
    /usr/local/lib/vdr/ which I presume should be loaded and used automatically.

    This thread looks useful

  • All I can say is:

    1) eepg works for me with freesat and freesat is also using the Huffman encoding (which is not an open DVB standard and therefore not supported by VDR core)
    2) at some point it seems that eepg has worked with freeview (according to my link)
    3) freeview epg can't be changed by provider without firmware updates to all STBs so I think it's unlikely they changed the format
    4) Ask Tony Houghton as his name is all over the place when it comes to VDR + freeview / freesat


  • I agree with hepi. I have been a happy eepg user for more than a year, watching (among others) the BBC HD channels.

    BBC One HD;BSkyB:10847:vC23M5O35S1:S28.2E:23000:5400=27:5402=NAR@3;5401=eng@106:5403;5404=eng:0:6941:2:2050:0
    BBC Two HD;BSkyB:10847:vC23M5O35S1:S28.2E:23000:5500=27:5502=NAR@3;5501=eng@106:5503;5504=eng:0:6940:2:2050:0
    BBC One N West;BSkyB:10802:hC56M2O35S0:S28.2E:22000:5700=2:5701=eng@3:5703;5704=eng:0:6441:2:2047:0
    BBC R4 FM;BSkyB:10788:vC56M2O35S0:S28.2E:22000:0:6002=eng@3:0:0:10381:2:2046:0
    BBC Three HD;BSkyB:10847:VC23M5O25P0S1:S28.2E:23000:5600=27:5602=NAR@3;5601=eng@106:5603;5604=eng:0:6951:2:2050:0
    BBC Four HD;BSkyB:11023:HC23M5O25P0S1:S28.2E:23000:5300=27:5302=NAR@3;5301=eng@106:5303;5304=eng:0:8931:2:2061:0
    BBC NEWS HD;BSkyB:11023:hC23M5O35S1:S28.2E:23000:5000=27:0;5001=eng@106:5003;5004=eng:0:8921:2:2061:0
    BBC Parliament;BSkyB:10788:vC56M2O35S0:S28.2E:22000:5100=2:5101=eng@3:5103;5104=eng:0:10307:2:2046:0
    BBC World;BBC:11597:vC56M2O35S0:S19.2E:22000:163=2:92=eng@3:0:0:10050:1:1026:0

    vdr: 2.5.6, NUC8i5BEH, MANJARO, OctopusNet-Max DVB-S2 Unicable 8 Slots
    samsung tv: ue46d7090

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