[Announce] VA-API/VPP Support for vdr-plugin-softhddevice

  • In the next days i submit the OSD patch for VDPAU and VA-API to my GIT.

    The VA-API Part may be unchecked.


    Sag mir, wo die Developer sind. Wo sind sie geblieben? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SoftHdDevice - A software and GPU emulated HD output device plugin.
    Sag mir, wo die Developer sind. Was ist geschehn?

    Client0: Crown CW02 MSI_C847MS-E33 Zotac_GT640_passiv Cine-S2 iMon-MCE / streamdev softhddevice
    Client1: Lian_Li_PC-Q09FB ASRock_H67M-ITX/HT I3-2100 ASUS_ENGT520_passiv / streamdev softhddevice
    Test: Lian_Li_PC-Q09R Asus C60M1-I / streamdev
    Server0: Dockstar TT-S2-3600-USB / streamdev
    Server2: Lian_Li_PC-Q07R Intel_DH61DL G620 WD20EARX 90W PicoPSU Cine-S2+DuoFlex-S2+DuoFlex-CT / streamdev / 22 Watt Verbrauch

  • Hi,

    ich überlege gerade ob ich als nächstes VDR-Bastelprojekt einen Mac mini (Late 2014) zulegen soll: Specs (CPU/Grafik: Intel Core i5 "Haswell" mit Intel Iris 5100)
    Eigentlich bin ich mit dem Mac mini 2010 (mit Nvidia GT320M) ganz zufrieden, etwas mehr Performance würde aber nicht schaden, und man könnte ggf. einen besseren Deinterlacer nutzen.
    Würdet ihr erwarten dass mit dem 2014er Modell softhddevice mit vaapi schon stabil läuft?

    Gruß maz

    Meine VDRs:
    >>>Mac mini 2010 mit 2x Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate III, Logitech Harmony 300i, yavdr-0.5a mit softhddevice<<< >>>ZOTAC D2550 ITX-WIFI Supreme mit DD Cine S2, Gehäuse OrigenAE M10, Logitech Harmony 300i, yavdr-0.5a mit softhddevice<<< >>>Raspberry Pi
    2 mit Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate IV, raspbian, rpihddevice-Plugin, Logitech Harmony 200<<<

  • After my test in february I retried it with newer versions. On the one side I was surprised about the beautiful result without nvidia. But on the otherside there are „droping frame“ - especially in fullscreen mode. ;(
    What is the difference to your setups? Please help me...

    Thanks a lot

    My Hardware:
    - Asus B85M-E
    - Intel G1820 (Haswell)
    - 2x 2 GB RAM (512 MB der GPU zugewiesen)

    Opensuse 13.2
    - softhddevice http://github.com/pesintta/vdr-plugin-softhddevice
    - ffmpeg 2.6.3
    - mesa 10.7~git20150703
    - xf86-video-intel 2.99.917
    - vaapi-intel-driver 1.5.1
    - libva 1.6.0.pre1

    Start with „-P 'softhddevice -a hw:0,7 -d :0.0 -g 1280x720 -v va-api' \“
    - 576i: Deinterlace MotionCompensated, Field Order 0/2
    - 720p: Deinterlace none, Field Order 0/2
    -> No „Frames drop“, everything is perfect, the picture is a dream!

    Start with „-P 'softhddevice -a hw:0,7 -d :0.0 -g 1600x900 -v va-api' \“
    - 576i: No Frames drop.
    -720p: Frames drop :(

    Fullscreen (1920x1080):
    Frames drop on 576i and 720p. :(

    With va-api-glx the result is bad. There are breaks, crashs and window isn't scaleable.

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  • I try to compile softhddevice (http://github.com/pesintta/vdr-plugin-softhddevice) and get the following error any hints ?

    Intel nuc5cpyh (braswell celeron)

    xubuntu 15.04 / 4.2.0-040200rc2-generic

    ffmpeg version 2.5.7

    mesa 10.6.3

    vaapi is working e.g. in kodi

    vainfo: VA-API version: 0.38 (libva 1.6.0.pre1)
    vainfo: Driver version: Intel i965 driver for Intel(R) CherryView - 1.6.0.pre1 (1.6.0.pre1)

  • You should install the missing ffmpeg dev - Packages

    1. sudo apt-get install libswresample-ffmpeg-dev libavresample-ffmpeg-dev libswscale-ffmpeg-dev libpostproc-ffmpeg-dev libavfilter-ffmpeg-dev libavformat-ffmpeg-dev libavdevice-ffmpeg-dev libavcodec-ffmpeg-dev libavutil-ffmpeg-dev
  • Hello,

    It's seems that the last libva-intel-driver master git break vaapi deinterlace.

    black screen or fixed display.

    i use kodi and softhddevice (vaapi vpp) and both don't work for live tv.

    in vdr log:


    Jul 29 14:02:35 [vdr] vaapi/vpp: Wrong number of forward references. Needed 0, got 1
    Jul 29 14:02:35 [vdr] Changing to 0 forward reference surfaces for postprocessing_

    If i unpatch commit:

    VPP: Combine the CSC/Scaling together to optimize the performance

    that work like before.

    I open 2 bug report :
    http://www.mail-archive.com/li…desktop.org/msg03175.html (open)
    http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/16161 (closed)

    So could someone confirm the bug ?


  • You should install the missing ffmpeg dev - Packages

    thx i was able to compile it now

    one last problem is remaning:

    i have strange colored bars on some frames video type 576i 720p 1080i doesnt matter:

    i remember i read sth. about debug options beiing left enabled ?
    I already diasbled #CONFIG := -DDEBUG in the make file

    I made a video and some screenshots showing the problem:




    http://i.imgur.com/bZy372o.jpg (some frames are fine)

    only messages i get about every minute:

    1. Aug 2 13:59:38 nuc vdr: video: speed up video, droping frameAug 2 13:59:38 nuc vdr: video: 23:02:07.886 -47 425 0/\ms 34+2 v-buf
  • There seems always a bug with anything of Intel, either kernel, either driver ... :rolleyes:

    HowTo: APT pinning

  • I thinks its not related to a specific vaapi, kernel, ffmpeg or intel-driver version.

    I tested with pretty every recent version i could find.

    Now that we have another report with the same Issue on a Asus n3700M I think its just related to the braswell CPU/GPU und softhddevice.

    I gave up trying to get it to work and use Kodi now for TV and Media on my Intel nuc5cpyh.

  • Well, some more testing:

    if in video.c line 4122 I put a break just after
    "case VAProcFilterColorBalance:"

    Thus disabeling the colorbalance filters, the bars are gone !

    The N3700 should be perfect for a HTPC, but for now the
    N24 ticker is still better on XBMC :-(

  • video/vaapi: enabling color balance filters
    video/vaapi: Supported color balance filter count: 4
    Hue (-180.00 - 180.00 ++ 1.00 = 0.00) (pos = 2)
    Saturation (0.00 - 10.00 ++ 0.10 = 1.00) (pos = 2)
    Brightness (-100.00 - 100.00 ++ 1.00 = 0.00) (pos = 2)
    Contrast (0.00 - 10.00 ++ 0.10 = 1.00) (pos = 2)
    video/vaapi: skin tone enhancement supported
    Wrong number of capabilities (0) for filter 0x00000005

  • Hmm, I believe line 4166
    now: VAProcFilterColorBalance, colorbalance_caps,

    should be : VAProcFilterColorBalance, &colorbalance_caps,

    This is not a solution for the bars, but it does fix the segfault when entering the menu
    video - 576i etc. (and also -v va-api-glx)
    (there are probably more)

  • Thanks for the hint.

    Could you disable the color balance filters one by one and bisect what's the nasty one?

  • rofafor :

    I already did that,

    no matter what filter is set, as soon as
    decoder->filters[decoder->filter_n++] = filter_buf_id;
    is hit, no matter what the contents of cbal_param the problem exist.

    NB there is also a smal problem with the tone filter, in VaapiSetupParameterBufferProcessing
    cap_n == 0 so no buffer is created
    And also the & is forgotten in vaQueryVideoProcFilterCaps