ASRock 330 ION for DVB-S2 HD 1080i

  • Hi,
    I'm about to put together an itx config based on ASRock 330 ION board, and I would like to use for DVB-S2 HD channels too. I believe most of the HD channels are broadcasted in 1080i and additional deinterlacing is needed. Is the ION powerful enough to do this with VDR? I see many of you are using this board, so I guess it would be fine, but want to check.
    BTW, I have a HD Ready plasma, so I'm completely fine with 720p resolution, but the signal is 1080i, if this matters anything at all.

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  • As far as I see it has an "Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce 9 Series" graphic chip.

    On one of my boards I use an integrated GeForce8 chip which does the trick with vdpau bob(!) hardware deinterlacing. So this one should do at least the same. Without vdpau - I couldn't say.