Enigma2 lamedb to VDR channels.conf script

  • Here is a script that converts channels list from enigma 2 format to vdr format.
    you dont need to scan for channels anymore.
    custom channels list and simple to edit .Credits goes to picon
    Have a nice day .

    and here is how it works

    transfer via winSCP the settings in /root/astra19e/e2setting
    transfer lamedb2vdr.sh in /root/astra19e
    run on putty

    1. cd /root/astra19e


    1. chmod +x lamedb2vdr.sh

    then run

    1. bash lamedb2vdr.sh /root/astra19e/e2setting /etc/vdr

    im currently running Openpctv

    bare in mind to stop vdr while doing this process or simply change folder path on the last step and backup your current channels.conf


    • lamedb2vdr.zip

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    Dell optiplex 760
    RAM 2Gb
    Intel E8400 Dual core
    TBS6982 DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card
    PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick (340e)
    ASUS GeForce® 210 EN210 SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2(LP)

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  • hi mate, i have this problem:

    1. OpenELEC:~ # bash lamedb2vdr.sh /storage/e2setting/ /storage/
    2. lamedb2vdr.sh: line 38: iconv: not found
    3. lamedb2vdr.sh: line 38: iconv: not found
    4. lamedb2vdr.sh: line 53: syntax error: unexpected "(" (expecting "done")

    i use a normal dreamset/dreamboxedit channel list.
    here it is:

    can you help me out please, been waiting for this for years now :) thank you in advance.

  • No problem here with the script, you missed the iconv binary on your system.

    1. vdr@vdr01:/var/shares/downloads/enigma2$ ./lamedb2vdr.sh e2setting output
    2. Converting channel: 555/555
    3. Converting group: 6/6
    4. Done!


    • output.zip

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