Upgrade my VDR hardware

  • Hi,
    from time to time (not less than 5 years :-) ) I upgrade my CDR hardware. Until 2007 I was using a fanless ibm netstation with a FF card. Then I used a standard pc with a usb dvb-t and a skystar, watching on pc screen via xine or on 2 hauppauge MVP via its plugin. During 2012 I switched TVs to HD and now I'd like to upgrade the hardware to HD.

    I already own a videocard that supports accelerated playback of HD material. I own 2 Rasbperry PI I may use as play devices (I have to buy mpeg2 license probably) and since pc monitor is not HD it is the only way to watch hd material.

    Now I need to buy new dvb-s2 sat cards and I'd like to hear from you. I'd also like to know if for SCR support is necessary to have a proper card or all cards support it. I have only one cable.