how do i change bbc hd channel which defaults to the NAR audio track to the dd audio track

  • Which frontend do you use? XBMC or one of the xine-based frontends (vdr-sxfe, xine)? This setting is visible in the web frontend.

    For a Xine based frontend, set the default audio language in the OSD to English. There, you can also switch between audio tracks with the remote control and the OSD.

    In XBMC, it is different.


  • Hi
    I have it set on English and Xine frontend but have not set up remote control and use keyboard to change channels are there any keys on the keyboard to change the audio track or if not can you help me setup remote control .I have a Technotrend TT-connect S2-3650 Ci and i could not get the remote to work .
    Thank you for the quick reply

  • I assume that you have installed yaVDR 0.4 from the ISO image.

    On your ordinary keyboard, press "m" to enter the main menu. Then press "F2" (represents green button). Audio menu opens. Now use arrows up down and press "Enter" to confirm.

    The keys F1, F2, F3, F4 represent the four coloured buttons on the remote control.

    The remote control of the TT S2 3600 USB works out of the box with yaVDR 0.4 without the need for any manual configuration.

    If you own an Android Smartphone, give the App AndroVDR a try which includes a virtual remote control. SVDRP port ist 6419.

    Have fun!