Setting a preferred tuner for a channel

  • Hi,

    is it possible to specify a specific tuner for some channels?

    I have 2 tuners, tuner 1 (tevii s660) cannot receive HD channels where Signal rate is 30000, it can lock on, but it stutters...

    tuner 2 is a sundtek dvb-s2 which can handle this.

    can i set a preferred tuner for a channel?

  • Hi,

    You have to write a plugin which provides a cDeviceHook. In the DeviceProvidesTransponder method you have to identify the device and decide if it can be received.


  • A dirty quick workaround would be to tamper with the satellite positions in the diseqc.conf and the source values of the channels.conf to bind certain channels to one tuner. But this has many disadvantages. The idea is to enable diseqc and make VDR believe that you can receive two separate satellite positions, one per tuner, even if you only receive one sat position.