[SOLVED]Streamzap pc remote and receiver

  • Hello,

    I have a problem setting this remote to work with vdr and xbmc. There are only a few buttons that works out of the box with vdr and xbmc. I followed the instructions here http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php…amzap_PC_Remote_for_Linux that describes how to disable the remote from emulating a keyboard presses but it did not work for me in yavdr. I applied the same instructions in debian squeeze and they worked. Any idea please how to configure this remote to work in yavdr? Thank you.


  • Some extra details:


  • Code
    1. I: Bus=0003 Vendor=0e9c Product=0000 Version=0100
    2. N: Name="Streamzap PC Remote Infrared Receiver (0e9c:0000)"
    3. P: Phys=usb-0000:00:1d.2-1/input0
    4. S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb4/4-1/4-1:1.0/rc/rc0/input3
    5. U: Uniq=
    6. H: Handlers=kbd event3
    7. B: PROP=0
    8. B: EV=100013
    9. B: KEY=3ff 0 fc000 100000000 0 18000 4180c0000801 9e168000000000 0
    10. B: MSC=10

    This is your remote reciever. It uses rc-core and can be configured by ir-keytable.

    Please post the output of my script:

    1. wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/960809/list-rc-core.sh
    2. chmod +x list-rc-core.sh
    3. sudo ./list-rc-core.sh

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  • Thanks Alex for your help. Here is the output(I think I have already run your script two days ago while searching in the forum for a solution):

  • Hi, if you run my script with the argument "set" it will create most needes files for you:

    1. ./list-rc-core.sh set

    After that you can change the protocoll and keynames in /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap - AFAIK it should be edited to look like this (but this is just a guess):

    After a reboot or

    1. sudo ir-keytable -w /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap

    all keys should work.

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  • Yup I already run your script with the argument set. Now I have changed the settings in the file /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap to looks like what you have suggested and then run the command:
    sudo ir-keytable -w /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap

    Now All buttons dont work! Do I need to reboot? or I should not have changed the file /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap ?


  • Please post you actual rc-streamzap file.

    Maybe you need to specify another protocoll. Give RC-5-sz instead of RC-5 a try

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  • Here it is:

    root@ubuntu:/etc/rc_keymaps# sudo ir-keytable -w /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap
    Protocol RC-5-sz invalid
    Invalid parameter on line 1 of /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap
    Invalid parameter(s)
    ir-keytable: -w: (PROGRAM ERROR) Option should have been recognized!?
    Try `ir-keytable --help' or `ir-keytable --usage' for more information.

  • Mh - according to http://kerneldox.com/dc/d2c/rc-streamzap_8c-source.html the streamzap remote uses a special protocol - maybe this can be invoked by setting protocol to "other"

    1. # table rc-streamzap, type: other

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  • Then remove the first line of /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap and change the entry in /etc/rc_maps.cfg from

    1. streamzap rc-streamzap /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap


    1. streamzap * /etc/rc_keymaps/rc-streamzap

    And do another reboot.

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  • Great.

    As a final step you should edit the custom template for your entry in /etc/rc_maps.cfg accordingly so your configuration will survive future updates:

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