DVB T2 digital terrestrial TV tuner card

  • I see that TBS have now launched some DVB-T2 cards.

    TBS 6220 - Single tuner at £77 TBS6220 PCI-E DVB-T2/T TV Tuner Card [TBS6220] - US$118.99 : BuyDVB Online Store

    TBS 6280 - Dual tuner at £103 TBS6280 PCI-E DVB-T2/T Dual Tuner Card [TBS6280] - US$158.99 : BuyDVB Online Store


    TBS6280 is a dual tuner PCI-Express interface DVB-T2/T TV Tuner Card which supports watching or recording two different channels from two different frequencies simultaneously. TBS 6280 can be used as a digital video recorder for recording digital terrestrial TV programs with full HDTV support. It also enables you to pause a live broadcast and continue from where you left with the Time-shifting function. This DVB T2 PC TV card is ready with windows BDA driver and Linux driver. It’s ideal for watching UK Freeview SD and HD channels on your PC.

    Both are PCI-E cards although I am trying to work out why the 6220 appears to have two antenna/aerial connectors, prehaps it has a passthrough. so glad have new comers in DVB T2 card development.