Multiple tuners on vdr server

  • Hi
    I just installed debian with vdr-1.7.8 on my htpc and i must ask you some questions.
    First of all here are my dvb cards
    Tevii s480 twin tuner DVB-S2 tuner
    Technotrent tt-connect c3650 CI dvb-c/t tuner

    This will be my main htpc which will stream to other clients

    well i have two dishes.The one is with a motor covering from 42e to 30w and the other one is static with two lnb (13e and 7e).The second dish uses a diseq switch.Both dishes cables leads to my htpc.

    My cable tv provider has a receiver with ant1 in and tv/vdr ports, and after i have scart and hdmi outputs.

    well this is the equipment so i continue with my questions:
    1. how can i connect the dvb-c tuner to my htpc so i can watch,record and stream ?
    2.what is the correct way to setup my dishes?
    Your help will be much appreciated

  • yes i have the cards.i mean with dvb-s card there is no need to make a special configuration? there are two dishes, one with motor and the other one with two lnbs. i think i will try to scan each satellite and edit channels conf for motor on tuner 1.but what about second dish? i will use the same channels.conf?
    as for cable box i connect the dvb-c tuner on scart and usb cable on pc? thats it?
    sorry for my bad english

  • 1) Forget all about your cable-receiver.. Just plug the antenna-cable into your DVB-C card and thats it! Decrypting channels with your providers smartcard is possible too. To encrypt NDS smartcard is difficult or impossible. But you have to be aware, not to break the providers rules!! And at least, there will not be any kind of support, breaking laws in this forum.. Just to have mentioned it..

    2) there is a rotor-plugin for vdr that is capable to control the motor-dish. When all transponders have been saved to the channel.conf the dish will be moved to its position by vdr. I dont have a motor-dish, so i cannot give you details on how this works exactly, but old Google is your friend :]

    ...and yes, all the transponders/channels will be written to the same channels.conf

    Hope it helps, and sry for my english too ;)

  • Thanks m8 for info
    Regarding my cable box i forgot to mention that it use no antenna uses only cat5 and its connected straight to the modem and there is also no card slot.i dont know if there is a card inside the receiver embedded.
    thanx for the info about rotor plugin.will try it

  • Here is the tv box i have
    discovered now that its an iptv receiver :(
    so dvb-c tuner is useless for me.anyway any ideas on how to connect this box toi my pc so i can record?

  • HI
    I have the same problem
    I have two dvb-s2 tuner and each tuner is conected to 4 lnb,s via diseqc2.0
    i can use each card with -D option
    but i want to have one channel list for two tuners (my real problem is diseqc.conf and channels.conf)
    when i use one channel list for 2 tuners vdr can only display first tuner channels and second tuner is useless!!! :evil: