Can (ya)-VDR be used as a server?

  • I'd like to run (ya)-VDR on a server machine without a monitor.

    Right now I've compiled VDR 1.7.15 myself but when I run it I get errors such as:
    Mar 31 14:07:41 dvr vdr: [1911] device 1 has no MPEG decoder
    Mar 31 13:58:11 dvr vdr: [1148] switching to channel 1
    Mar 31 13:58:15 dvr vdr: [1148] info: Channel not available!

    Do I have other issues or is my problem that I'm running VDR without a monitor? I'm just trying to have VDR tune to a channel so I can use dvbsnoop and then record a channel. After everything is working I'd like to fool around with yaDVR.