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Freitag, 25. November 2011, 20:48

yavdr-0.4 noob question - adding audio, picture and vdr archives


I've been a vdr user for 5+ years, but am trying out yavdr-0.4 for the first time.

Am getting my head around the avahi mounter, process-template processes etc for editing configuration (as well as getting used to Ubuntu, having always been a Fedora person!)

I have an existing RAID5 store of vdr recordings, plus other disks of audio and pictures (several TB)

What's the cleanest way to link these "mounts" into the yavdr environment, from a standard install of yavdr-0.4?



Freitag, 25. November 2011, 20:54

A possible solution is to use the bind option within fstab:


# mount your disk to an existing directory (create if necessary)
UUID="03029c93-f6c9-4530-9198-d69f96c2fe8a" /media/Data ext4 defaults 0 0
# do a mount-bind to bring your files to the yaVDR-directories for media
/media/Data/Musik /srv/audio/ none bind 0 0
/media/Data/Filme /srv/video/Filme/HDTV none bind 0 0
/media/Data/Serien /srv/video/Serien none bind 0 0
/media/Data/Bilder /srv/picture none bind 0 0

If you want to allow access to these files via NFS exports (e.g. via another yaVDR system), you have to modify /etc/exports, too. Add the option "crossmnt" to all exports by creating a custom template.

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Samstag, 26. November 2011, 01:50

Thanks - that'll work, but it's a but crude.

What is the recommended way to handle this in yavdr?

I suppose I could manually mount my existing partitions as /srv/vdr/Video.00

Or should I be creating a .service for the RAID, using the zeroconf setup?

Any other ideas how to permanently make a new home for vdr recordings?

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